Friday, June 22, 2012

A Fun Overnight Practice Run

Practice ride around town
Squirrel is back at it!

In case you are wondering why I haven't posted as much recently.  This is the reason.  I'm building myself up as much as possible for the upcoming Summer adventures.  Not that I am not in shape already, but extra long distance riding beforehand doesn't hurt. 

The friend that I am riding with hasn't ridden a fully loaded bike before as this is her first self-supported tour.  She thought it would be good idea to do a practice overnight run to test out things.  I totally agree with her! I never did this last year as I really didn't feel like doing it alone.  (I should though, it can still be fun).  I can't wait to see how the Brooks seat feels.  I've had no problems with it on one-day 60 km rides.  Since the Brooks saddle took up half of the rack, I had the bike shop move the rack out with extensions.  The bag still hangs off a bit, but it works.  And no more worry about the bag rubbing my thighs.

I was going to use a pair of Ortlieb Front-Rollers bags, but they hadn't arrived in the bike shop the other day.  I don't mind waiting as it's my Birthday gift.   My Birthday isn't until next month. Vivien, who has lent me bags for 2 years, was kind enough to lend the front ones again.  I am using the black Axiom bags that she gave me instead of borrowing her red ones again.

We are going to be riding to Purden Lake and back which is 65 kms each way. (40 miles).  I am hoping that there will others, there is the possibility that we'll meet more at the campsite.  I have a hiking friend who wants to join in which will be great.  I've biked out to Purden Lake twice before on Tour De Jasper as it is Day 1 on their itinerary.  This will be the first time I've ridden out there fully loaded.

The weather is supposed to be good, with some rain on Sunday.  We can't let a little rain stop us as I had lots of that last year!

I'll post about the trip when I return from the land of no cell service.

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