Sunday, September 30, 2012

Eureka to Garberville - Heritage buildings/Redwoods

Heritage House in Eureka, California

Elk near Orick
Flat in Eureka
One of my Nanaimo buddies had a flat just after having breakfast. He would have got it on the way in from the Eureka KOA campsite into Eureka.
Taking a tour of downtown Eureka
While exploring Eureka, we got separated.Eventually, after wandering around the downtown for a bit, we found each other again!
Carson Mansion, Eureka, California

Circle of Redwoods
We rode through the Avenue of the Giants during one day of our trip. It covers 60 miles and follows the old Highway 101.  It's a must see with all the big trees.
I love riding through the Redwoods!
Original General Store (not open) in Redcrest
As we were leaving the Avenue of the Giants, it was quite warm.  It was 100 F while we were riding, I couldn't wait to get back to the Ocean!

Character Cafe in Garberville - Eel River Cafe
 The Eel River cafe had quite a collection of 'cows'.  We met a bicycle group from Germany, they were lightly loaded.  No bags on their bikes, just bag hanging over their shoulders as they were bike couriers.  Different way of bike touring that I am not sure that I'd like.  I assumed that they were staying in hotels.
Met Shrek
Resting under an overpass- hot climbing those hills!

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