Wednesday, September 26, 2012

From the border to the Redwoods

Biked across a state border

I've walked across a major border once, when I hiked on the Chilkoot Trail.. I crossed from the USA into Canada.

Attempting to trip the bike detector
 Usually to turn on a bicycle in  Tunnel or on Bridge sign, we would just have to press a button.  But we found this one where we had to trip a sensor.  I think that it would have been quicker to press a button!
Crescent City

Entering the Redwoods

Paul Bunyon and Babe in Klamath
I've seen this duo before....
Here's me with Paul in 1991. I'm on the boot.
Near Klamath

Wildlife of the Redwoods
Big tree at Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park
I stayed the first night in the Redwoods at Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park.. Mind you, the biker/hiker site wasn't right in the old growth forest..but near it.  Wonderful campsite though.  My bike is at the bottom of the big tree above.

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