Sunday, September 2, 2012

Final Destination - Part I

On my final Day, I said my goodbyes to fellow bicyclists staying at Samual P. Taylor State Campsite, which is about 40 km North of San Francisco. The campsite was full of riders from all over and a few hitchhikers also.

Tandem Bicyclists from Scotland
I chatted with a Scottish Couple who had stayed a few nights at this campsite recovering from a fall near Bodega Bay.  They were ready to move on to friend's in Oakland.

The guy with the hurting knee stayed behind for a day of rest.  Hopefully, his knee got better as he had more riding to do!
Leaving Samual P Taylor
Nothing but me and some Vultures
It was a nice quiet ride in the morning, there was not much traffic on the road.  It was hard to believe that I was so close to a major city.  I started fairly early despite not being in a rush to leave as it was a shorter day of riding.  The country is so dry here...  The roads in the park were bad, and improved once I left it.  And people back home complain about our roads, these are worse then what we have back home!
As I approached Fairfax, it got busier and I was riding through City streets.  The transition from country to city was very quick.  About 20kms in to the ride, as I was getting hungry, I stopped for a coffee and pastry in Larkspur, which is South of Fairfax.  While there, I bumped into Leo, who camped with me at Bodega Bay.  What's the odds of that happening?  The bike shop that he worked at, was just down the road.  '

On my way out of Larkspur, I dropped by the Village Peddler bike shop to say hello again, one last time.  He wants to ride the Divide race in the future, how cool is that?  He has an injured lower arm that has to heal first, though.
More to come...

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