Thursday, August 30, 2012

Onwards to Samual P Taylor

After having a a much needed rest day at Bodega Bay, along with some good meals, I was all geared to ride to ride on towards San Francisco.  It is amazing what rest will do.
I said my goodbyes to the other bikers  including Leo from Fairfax at my campsite before leaving.  ( l bumped into Leo at the Rustic Bakery in Larkspur, the next day!)
Leaving Bodega Bay, the highway turned inland for awhile. It was another one of my favourite areas to ride through. There were lots of rolling hills and farms. For a while, there was hardly any traffic and I felt like I could be riding alone in an end of the world show like Survivors, or the Walking Dead. Thankfully, I did not run into any outlaws or zombies!
I stopped for coffee in this cute little village of Tomales where there were other cyclists hanging out. I enjoyed a nice cup of coffee and a very tasty pastry. There were also lots of motorcyclists out for a day ride from San Francisco.
I continued on until I reached the ocean.  There were lots of roller-coaster hills to ride along the ocean.  Those are great as long as I can make enough momentum to get up the next hill without much effort.
I stopped at one of many quick seafood places for some clam chowder.  (At the many fancy oyster places in the area, people from San Francisco like to come out for the day).  At the seafood place that I stopped at, I bumped into a rider from the Bodega Bay campsite.  He was riding slower due to bummed knee.
We rode a lot of the rest of the day together as he was riding slower.  I soon met him again in Port Reyes Station again where I stocked up on food.  This town was cute touristy town.  I stopped again in Olema to get some needed beer.
I had to ride up this 500 foot climb and then ride on a bike path to get to the campsite in the Redwoods.  It was great to get to camp in them again.  We had lots of time at Samuel P Taylor to explore the Redwoods.
(I saw the cute Dr.Who mug in a store front at Point Reyes Station.)

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