Sunday, August 5, 2012

Critical Mass in July

On Friday, July 27, it was Critical Mass night in Prince George.  It's really like the Critical Few as we don't get lots of people attending.  A lot of UNBC students participate and they are gone away for the Summer.  We did have a student from Spain join us though, who is working at UNBC for the Summer.  But I will say that some people always show up, so I am never the only one at the meeting place.  Word apparently gets around.  If you are from Prince George, I encourage you to join us on the last Friday of each Month (except in Winter from November to March) at 5:30pm in front of the Civic Centre.  Let's show Prince George how important cycling infrastructure is!  And how important Cyclists are.

This ride wasn't almost going to happen as there was a thunderstorm one hour before it that dumped a lot of rain!  But at 4:20 it let up enough for the ride to happen.  Phew!

After waiting until 5:40pm at the meeting place, we departed.  We rode all over the downtown area, including on the newly paved Winnipeg Street which also had new wider bike lanes painted on much to the chagrin of the local drivers.

We rode for a hour, then we hanged out at Nancy O's.  It's definitely become a local Critical Mass tradition as they always know that we are coming!  I spoiled myself to a dinner and 2 beers. Yum!  Thanks for the fun night.  I will miss the local one at the end of August, but I will have a chance to participate at the one in San Francisco.  Now that's a Critical Mass, I am so excited that I get the chance to participate in a big event like that.

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  1. Enjoy the ride south. See you in September.

    Norm + Colleen



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