Monday, August 13, 2012

Astoria to Weyland Bay

I finally get access to the net for a bit.  Yeh!
We left Astoria at around 9:30  after checking the Goonies house out.  Of course, I had to return to the hotel as I forgot a piece of clothing!  Deanna patiently waited for me.  She got a saftey vest from a marine shop while she waited for me to return.  It was foggy and cool, but soon the sun came out and it warmed up.
We stopped at a sporting good shop to get camp fuel.  (but we realized later, that we forgot to buy matches!)  We also discovered the the official bicycle route went across a different bridge.  The one we had crossed on 101 was narrow and crazy with traffic.  But we did make it across safely which is what counts. 
After checking out a Vollyball tournament in Seaside,  and having lunch there at a Pizza Hut, we met some women riding on a tour.  We bumped into them a few times down the road.  At the top of a hill there were more of them and they joked that we could open up a fruit stand there with all the cyclists congregating there at that time.
We went through a tunnel safely, but Deanna had troubles with the fumes.  One guy standing at the beginning kindly pushed bike in tunnel button.
In Cannon Beach, we stoped by Mikes Bicycle shop and checked the pressure of my tires.  They only needed a small top up.  I love that shop!  I wantcto get a yellow safety jacket like the one that they sold.  It has a built in blinky strip.  How handy is that!?  He gave us some valuable route advice also with a local map.
After a long day, we pulled into the Nelham Bay campsite where we met other bicyclists.  We were greeted by a volunteer from Parksville who offered us coffee and lemonade.  I love Oregon State campsites!
We had dinner, and a shower and off to bed.
Next morning we said bye to a man and his 2 children whom he was towing along.  I will have to post picture of them when I return as no photo of them on tablet.
We rode the day with a guy from Germany and Portland.  I had lots of energy.
We stopped in Tillamook f or some wi-fi, coffee, and ice cream  Plus, we also stocked up at a Fred Meyers which is quite affordable compared to the shops we had bought stuff at previously.  Oh, and we got some REALLY stormproof matches and some Tillamook yogurt.
After reaching Cape Lookout Junction, we decided to go South and camp somewhere else as we had to backtrack and go up a big Freaking Hill to get to Cape Lookout campsite.
We found one down the road that had no showers, but had flush toilets.  I washed my hair in sink and felt much better!
We will be going the a nearby campsite tomorrow, when I will be posting this.  Wish I would have known about it as it has showers and Wi-fi!  Oh well, such is things.
So sorry about not posting much, Wi-fi not often easy to get when you just want to going down the road.  We are already farther then originally planned so we are that much closer to San Francisco.  Not sure how far down we will get tomorrow.

Whalen Bay County Campsite

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