Saturday, August 18, 2012

Seven Devils

After posting at Northbend/Coo's Bay Safeway, we biked a good 8 miles.  We were going to stay at Sunset BayState Park, but when we came across a private campsite advertising LAUNDRY, it was a no-brainer to stay there!

We had a very sandy campsite, but it worked.  It was by a lovely beach which I discovered next morning.  We saw no other bike campers, but assumed that they were staying at Sunset Bay.

After a very late dinner, we headed to bed. 

Next morning, we caught a nice sunrise.

As it takes us a while to dismantle and pack the bikes, we did not leave until 10ish.  Right away, we had to climb up some dreadfully high hill on the aptly named Seven Devils's road!  We chose to walk up it. We noticed that someone had spray painted numbers marking a lot of the hills. We had to ride over seven, although not all the hills were tough.   The real steep hill was at the beginning.

For a while, it seemed like were riding in the middle of nowhere in Oregon in the fog.  There were not too many houses to be found.  I stopped a German tourist driving by to make sure we were on track. Deanna thought that we were, but I wanted to double check.

It was reather a peaceful ride away from the 101.  This is the best part about bicycling the coast, riding  on the quiet roads and going places that you wouldn't go in a car.

After quite a long ride, we reached Bandon.  We saw the familar tandom bicycle of a couple from Santa Barbara who are also riding to San Francisco.  We ate lunch where they ate, as they were leaving when we got there.  We also met up with Jack, Randy, and Ken who were riding the Oregon Coast with the SAG support of their wife.  We camped and bumped into them lots on the Oregon Coast.

In the cafe we chatted with an older lady who approached us.  She had just ridden across the USA from Florida to Oregon!

Soon, we left.  We had to ride a other 50 kms or so to Humbug State Park where we would be staying the night.  We elected to not stop in Port Orford to get food as we would be getting into Humbug late.  We had a backup freeze dried food for backup for times like this.

I was so happy to make it to Humbug, Deanna too, as we were both tired.  I saw the guys with the SAG van camped, so we stopped to chat.  Deanna went to bed early, while I enjoyed marsmallows and smores with the SAG guys.  They were so nice and supportive.

(I am resting for 2 nights in Brookings, so I will backwards post- posting about the first part of the trip in more detail, so the posts will be out of order)

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  1. I saw your blog . It looks like a great place to ride . Have fun see you when you get back.



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