Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Hot day in the interior

Today, we had a hot ride in the interior.  We stopped for coffee at this cute cafe.

We decided to ride on the freeway as we seen the big cedar forests.  But, they were our friends as they kept us cool during the hot day.  We ate at this cute cafe in Garbervile.  We met some other cyclists from Berlin.  While in town, I cancelled the room for 2 for the hostel for Sunday, as I am completely following the Biking the Pacific Coast book, which means I won't get into San Francisco until Monday, August 27.  We bought some food, but there is a restaurant near where we are camping.

After some hot climbs with rests under trees and a bridge, we came to Standish Hickey campsite.  It was closed due to California budget cuts, but volunteers have opened it up!  Kudos to volunteers!

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