Sunday, August 26, 2012

Let"s do Leggett

After riding with my two Nanaimo buddies, it was finally my time to ride on my own.  There were quite a few bikers staying at the Standish Hickey campsite, but most were still sleeping when I packed up.   I wanted to tackle the over 2000 foot Leggett Hill early to beat the 100 degree heat.
I stopped at the cafe across the street to say my goodbyes to the guys, then off I left at about 8:15 am. I was going to stop in Leggett to have a proper breakfast, but nothing was open.  So tackling Leggett was my first order of business.
Right away, as I was leaving Leggett, the long, fairly steep ascent begun.    The hiker in me told myself that I would find it easier to walk the bike up, so I did.   I climbed up it to the top fairly quickly.  At the bottom, I asked a local resident for some water.
I had bit of flat road where I biked quickly, then I had another steep ascent!  I also walked up most of that.  After a fast descent, I made it to the ocean.  I had a bit of a break there.  A German tourist offered me a diet Coke.  I took him up on it.  He was amazed at me riding.
After going up and down several rolling hills, I made it to Westport.  I enjoyed a Crabby Patty at the local market.  Spongebob must live near there!
I continued on to Fort Bragg, where I decided to stay at a cheap motel as the campsite was just North of the town and I wanted to hang around the town area.  I made it to Fort Bragg in good time at only 3pm which is great considering the big hills that I had climbed that day.   I enjoyed dinner and light Scrimpshaw Pilsner beer and dinner at the local micro brewery.  While there, I chatted with other cyclists who were heading North.  The told me to stay at the KOA near Manchester the next day as they only charge $10 for biker/hiker and it includes a hot tub!
After exploring the town, I headed to bed early after watching some tv.  I was exhausted from that day's ride despite it only being 63 kms long.

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