Sunday, August 26, 2012

On to Manchester

After a good night's rest at Fort Bragg, I left fairly early in the morning as usual.    By 7 am, I am wide awake every morning.  I checked out the cool town of Mendecino.

It was another short ride for the day.  But it was a challenging one as there were a lots of ups and downs with narrow turns.   I call those tight corners, 'pee your pants moments', for good reason!  There are plenty of those riding down the California coast.  Shoulders mostly do not  exist here. After having a quick lunch in Elk, I continued on.

I was tired by the time I hit the KOA.  After signing in, I immediately set up tent, then jumped into the hot tub!  I also watched some more tv.  Then, off go bed early again as I was tired and sore.

Next morning, I packed up early to avoid the busy weekend traffic and to increase the odds that I would make it to Bodega Bay. I did not think I would.  I also thought that I would not catch the 8 am shuttle to there.  I had to catch it in a town after Manchester, that was 7 kms away.  But, by some miracle, I did!  After riding madly down a hill to catch it, I threw all my stuff off the bike and onto the bus.  It took the bus 2 hrs to get to Bodega Bay, but it beat riding as I would get there late then, if at all.  When I saw some of the crazy cliffs along the way, I was glad that I chose the bus to get there.  The roads were insane!

Here I am relaxing.  Cheap campsite, but I splurged on a t-shirt, a good breakfast and dinner to prep me for shorter ride to campsite near San Francisco, my last stop before hitting the big city.

Watch out for the BIRDS in Bodega Bay

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