Friday, August 3, 2012

Tour De Jasper- Day 5

Getting friendly with some locals

Squirrel takes the Train

On Sunday morning, the sun was shining again.  We dismantled our tents and put the rest of the stuff into the trailer for the trip home.  We were going to have a brunch at the Sawridge at 9:30am. Most of us walked in.  I was with the last group.  I went ahead of them in town.  I saw the truck and trailer go past me at one point. I was rushing to make it there on time.  When I got there, the people that I were walking with were there already! The truck had picked them up. Darn!

Hey, there's a shop named after my Blue Bike
After brunch, we had a few hours to wander around Jasper.  I walked around with Glen, whom I rode with also in 2010.

We all met at the train station before departure.  It is not a fast train as freight trains take priority over the tracks.  In fact, soon after we departed we had to wait for 1/2 hour for a freight train to pass us in the other direction.  Still, it was a nice way to unwind after the ride, and I was in no rush to go home.
Chilling before the train ride home

To pass the time we viewed the spectacular scenery....
Mt. Robson
 We did some bowling....
 And watched the train staff pick up some mail in Penny, at the ONLY post office in Canada that has mail delivered and picked up by train.
Penny, population around 4
The time seemed to pass very quickly, and before you knew it, we were home!  What a wonderful 5 days that I had just spent.  I was lucky to ride with some nice riders.  I totally recommend this tour for anyone who is interested in bicycle touring.

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