Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Tour De Jasper 2012 - Day 4

Squirrel races to Jasper

The fourth and final day of Tour De Jasper, started off on a damp morning.  But nothing like we had last year.  We did encounter some rain along the rain, but really only light rain.  Soon enough though, it dried off and except for being chased by rain, we never encountered any more.

Another 100+ day from Tete Jaune to Jasper

As we were getting ready to leave, the Richard, the husband of one of the twins, started climbing up the hill.  We heard another bang, as loud as a bear banger which is used to scare off bears.  Soon after, Richard came back down, with another flat!  He was so tired of them at this point.  Mark the mechanic, set him up with a brand new Schwalbe Marathon tire.  He will not have many more problems with it, although one can still get a flat with them.
Tete Jaune Campsite

I love my sign!

Squirt loves Tour De Jasper
After the tire was replaced, we departed.  It was a quiet ride.  I detoured at Mt. Robson to make sure no one was left behind.  I was going to use the bathroom, and was allowed to 'skip' ahead, but I saw the twins and Richard going up the hill.  I raced out to catch up.  I would just use the bush!

Riding towards the very heavy covered Mt. Robson
 At the rest stop at Moose Lake, I met up with other riders.  When I left that break point, I ended up riding with the fun Mother and daughter.  The Daughter had a sore back, so they were singing to get their mind off of it.  It made for the most entertaining ride up a mountain pass that I have ever taken.  We sang songs from the Beatles, Monty Python, Neil Diamond, and others.  We even sang the Adams Family.  People driving by must have thought we were some really happy riders!

Me and the fun Mother and Daughter.
Soon, we were at the pass and at the border to Alberta.  I wasn't as tired at this point as I was last year, which was good!
 It was a easy ride down.. and soon, 20 Km later, we made it to Jasper!

We were cheered on by the rest of the group as we rolled into the campsite.  I had a nice big shot of Fireball, which may becoming a Tour De Jasper tradition for me.  I brought a bottle, but Jim had brought a much bigger bottle for the occasion, for me to use!  How sweet!

We enjoyed a nice curry recipe that Jim was taught while he was in Cambodia.  After dinner, it was time to pack up the bikes for transport to home the next day.

Mark, the mechanic, takes the pedals off

Jim moves the handlebars on my bike sideways

While loosening handlebars, Mark, the mechanic noticed that my front shocks are worn out.  I brought the bike into the shop the day after Tour De Jasper ended, and decided to put front forks without shocks on them as I really don't need them touring.  I imagine having loaded bags on the front and the wobbling of the bike sometimes, that it's been hard on the shocks.

I am glad he noticed it, I sure didn't.  We only have a short time for the fork to be replaced, it should be worked on this week before the big trip.  It is in the shop now getting a nice new black fork without shocks.   Big Red will be ready for her next big adventure.

And in my bike goes

Bike trailer full of bicycles
Afterwards, we relaxed until our early bedtime.  We would have another early morning as we were in the Alberta Time zone....  We were to meet for a brunch at 9:30am (Mountain Time) the next morning.  I was looking forward to it.
Beautiful evening in Jasper

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