Sunday, July 29, 2012

Tour De Jasper 2012 - Day 3

Coffee Break in Mcbride
Squirrel fights the wind.

 Like the day before, I was by myself again  for the first stretch.  Well, I was with Glen, but by the time I climbed up the hill to get out of the Lasalle Campsite, he was long gone!

Another 100 + km ride to Tete Jaune

 This day, unlike the day before, I didn't panic and just road casually knowing that I would eventually catch up with someone.  I do admit, that I was so happy to see other riders!  It is much more fun for sure riding with someone.  While riding along up a hill, I did see a bear in the bush, but he was quite a ways away and didn't notice me.  I just kept on riding.
For a lot of the day I rode with the twins who were very nice to ride with.  They ride the same speed as me, slow.

The twins whom I enjoyed riding with
I have a passenger

After stopping at the rest stop just before Mcbride, we then headed to Mcbride for coffee.  It was nice to break up the long day.

Heading into Mcbride
 After the coffee, we headed towards Tete Jaune.  We rode towards heavy headwinds for most of the day which made the day seem that much longer.   Richard (husband of one of the twins) had a blowout along the way.  Then another flat soon afterwards. Just when we thought that the stops to fix the tires would make us so behind everyone, we did in fact catch up with other riders!  You really don't know how are ahead or behind the other riders are, they may be closer then you think, and you may not really be that slow
Newfie speedbump sign gone.  :(
BC version of Stonehenge

After many munches later (and nearly bonking at one point), we made it to Tete Jaune.  I am grateful that despite the headwinds, it was much cooler riding.  But it was so nice to make it to the campsite and have a proper shower.  Tonight we would be enjoying pasta.


  1. Hey Carolyn - you look sooo professional! My goodness, France next! Keep peddling. I will keep watching your reports.

  2. Nicely done! I'm off to the rockies next week myself, although the southern part to try the new paved Banff<->Canmore cycle track



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