Thursday, July 26, 2012

Tour De Jasper 2012 - Day 2

How to keep mosquitoes off of you.

Squirrel gets a bit hot.

On Thursday, we biked from Purden Lake to Lasalle Lake.  We would be riding about 105 km which was the first time that I had ridden that far this year.  It was a very hot day compared to the 2011 trip.  I ended up a bit behind the last of the group as I had to adjust the seat as it was too low the day before.  I rushed for quite a distance before I finally caught up with other riders.  Never again!  I was so tired when I reached them.
101 km route from Purden to Lasalle (Purden is Green 'A')

I found wearing the special bandana kept the ride bearable in the heat
Slim Creek Rest Stop
 We met up with most of the riders when we stopped at the Slim Creek rest stop which was the tour break spot.  Some people went by the river to escape the swarm of mosquitoes,  but I was too lazy, so I just managed them as much as I could.
Nicole, the tour organizer
 It was hard ride up the hills as the heat was unbearable.  I  was happy to find a group that rode Similar to me.  They were the twins whom I would be riding more with during the next few days.  I went through many litres of water to keep cool.  The special cooling bandana really helped too! I'm taking it on my Pacific Coast trip in August.

Later I ended up riding with a couple of girls, one who had a sore back and tailbone, partly due to an uncomfortable seat.  As I found out later, they were quite entertaining.  They were the ones that danced to keep the bugs off in the photo at the top.
My tent was set up when I arrived.  (on the right)
Lasalle Lake

Eventually, we made it to the campsite.  As  I was sticky from riding in the heat, I soon jumped into the lake, but not before I had my required beer!  Thankfully, I never encountered leeches.  The water felt so refreshing.  That's what kept me going through the hot day up all those hills, the thought that I would get to jump in a nice cool lake, then enjoy a nice cold beer!  This day there was an added incentive to reach the campsite, it was Greek night.  I love that night on the tour, as I get to enjoy Chicken, Pita bread, and Greek Salad.  Yum!  I can't have enough of that, and had second helpings.  Nicole is the best cook out there.

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