Sunday, July 15, 2012

Chance encounters

Today, I decided to do another training run.  I decided a 30 km would be ok.  Thankfully, it was not as hot as yesterday, and the clouds were out.  It made for easier riding and I actually had energy.

Going up Highway 16 I saw this bike support van going by and I immediately thought of the Texas 4000 ride from Texas to Alaska.  I had last met them on the 2010 Tour De Jasper.  Sure enough, soon after, I saw some riders with their familiar shirts!  I cheered them as they went by.  I am glad thatI went riding today, or I would have missed them!  It is another lucky day I think.

I continued  up the hill and rode to the turnoff to Highway 97.  I eventually ended back home.  I was getting a little tired riding into the wind, but I got honks of support from drivers.

I believe that this is the last ride that I will do before riding to Jasper on Wednesday.    At home I quickly bought some Canadian flags for the bikes when me and Deanna ride in the USA.

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