Saturday, July 14, 2012

Michael, from Argentina

After keeping cool while enjoying a sub at Subway, I met a bike tourist from Argentina riding down the main road.   I am always so curious when I see one in the City.
He was biking from Alaska to Argentina!  He asked directions to a friend's place and I offered to take him there.  This is my way of giving back for all those who helped me on my trip.  I was so happy to help as I have not met many this year so far.
I told him about the road to Jasper that he would be taking, and also of the Icefields.  I am amazed and inspired by him going so far.  When I found his friend's place, we said our goodbyes.  It was nice chatting for that little bit in time while finding the address.  I feel so good doing this!  I hope I can help more.
This makes today a very special day to me!

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