Monday, August 20, 2012

Onwards to Eureka!

I had a nice night at the Elk Prairie State Park.  I woke up at 7 and the guys from Nanaimo were packing up.  As it was a shorter 74 km ride to the KOA campsite near Eureka, I did not feel like rushing.  I enjoyed some Starbucks instant coffee and some granola.  Then I packed up.  I left almost one hour after the guys did.
I saw them leaving a cafe in Orick.  I decided that I would also stop at the cafe for a good breakfast to get me going.  It was your typical small town Cafe, it had character!  But it did have wi-fi...
After breakfast  I headed out to Trinidad.  I was struggling on the hills.  The shorter day still seemed tough.  As I approached Trinidad, I saw the two guys from Canada.  We ate a nice hearty lunch together.  Then we rode on.
Eventually, we made it to the Koa Campground before Eureka.  After setting up the tent, I started doing some laundry.  That is where I am right now.  They have a hot tub and pool, and tonight they have an ice cream social.  Yum!
According to the bicycling the Pacific Coast book that I am following, I will be riding with them for another day, before they go down 101 to Napa Valley.  I go down Highway 1 which follows the coast.  I met some girls from Kelowna riding to San Francisco, maybe I will team up with them.

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