Friday, August 10, 2012

Train to Oregon

Squirrel takes the Train, again

The epic bike trip is actually happening!  I am on my to Oregon via the Amtrak Cascades train.

I met up with Deanna in Vancouver.  After setting the bikes up at her friends place, we rode down to the Londsdale Quay to catch the Seabus which would take us to downtown Vancouver.

Riding the Seabus across brought back memories of last year's bike trip.  When we reached downtown, we walked the bikes a bit through Gastown until we decided to start riding on the road. 

I eventually found the bike lane that would take us to Yaletown.  I had to ask a local where the YWCA Hotel was and soon enough we found it.  After settling in, we had dinner at Back Forty.  We thought we would be having an expensive dinner, but instead it was on.y $22 between the two of us as they had cheap 25 cents wings and cheap beer.  You can't beat that!

The photos taken below are of bikes set up at Deanna's friend's place and the rest are of the train.  I took photo of the bike rack on the train with my regular camera, so cannot post that now.

Update :  I have been riding on train now for many hours. After having travelled for a few days, it is taking it's toll,  I am tired now but will not arrive  into Astoria until 8:30pm.  Hopefully I will sleep better tonight then I did last night in Vancouver.

We will be having a couple hour break in Portland.  I am publishing this now as I may be too tired tonight.  We have decided to not ser our alarms tomorrow to get a good sleep.  we only have to ride 70 km tomorrow.

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