Saturday, September 22, 2012

Humbug to Brookings- last bit of Oregon

Cat resting at the Book Dock Bookstore in Brookings
Humbug to Oregon - Last bit of Oregon - the end of one chapter and soon, the beginning of another in the journey.

Here's some more photos that I took on my trip... I really love the cat one, he/she seemed to be right at home in the bookstore, and what's a bookstore without a resident cat?

Setting up camp at Humbug Mtn. State Park
Humbug Mtn. State park had a different type of hiker/biker site..there were individual spots instead of a communal area.  Is it possible then, for the hiker/biker site to sell out?  I wonder..
Deanna riding up a Rollercoaster hill
Vultures (sometimes life is not so pretty)
Watch out for Dinosaurs!
We passed the Prehistoric Park which looks tacky and touristy, but we couldn't resist a photo opp.  Wish I had one of us running/riding away in terror.  :)

Ernest Borgnine liked to fish at least once a year in Gold Beach, Oregon.

I found this photo of him while eating lunch  at the and had inquired about the photo.

Squirt enjoying ride to Brookings, Oregon
 We took a shuttle from Gold Beach to Brookings when Deanna couldn't ride anymore.  I also took a shuttle myself from Manchester, California to Bodega Bay when I was exhausted.  Got to do what I got to do in such a situation.  Thank goodness that there is this option at a lot of places that we rode through.  (But not all places had that option)

Entertainment at Brookings Harbour Farmer's Market
Beach near Brookings Harbour/Brookings
It was while staying at Brookings that Deanna and me had to part our ways.  I had a tough desicion to make!  Do I stop my adventure there, or continue on by myself?   I talked to a few close friends and decided to continue on.  It was like jumping off the extremely high diving board...  Luckily, I found these 2 great Canadian retirees to ride with for 4 days so I didn't have to jump off totally on my own.  My Mother didn't like me riding with 'strangers', but these two guys were very nice and they totally watched out for me.  Most of the riders that I met along the way, were like this, much like my fellow hikers.  A good bunch of people to hang out with.
Next Chapter of my Adventure
 They gave me the eventual courage and confidence to ride the rest of the way mostly on my own!  My parent's to this day do not know that I rode on my own. (They do not read my blog, mostly computer illiterate, so I can post about that here.. )  I hated to not tell them the whole truth, but I really had no problems riding on my own, or with the 2 guys.  My Mother actually told me that I better not do anything crazy like this again... little does she know that I've been doing crazy things like this since I moved out. 

Heck, I walked 100 miles across the UK on my own, visited my Dad's birthplace in the middle of nowhere in a foreign country where I didn't know the local language, accepted a ride once in Finland, when I was stranded outside a Train station with no phones/taxis.  And that's only a tiny bit of the crazy things that I have done and not necessarily told them the whole details about.

Sorry for my ramblings...
More to come....

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  1. I love your spirit of adventure! And every bookstore should have a cat, don't you think?



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