Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Seven Devils and other random Pacific Coast Bike Trip Photos.

Between Newport and Jessie M. Honeymoon State Park
Manchester Beach to Jessie M. Honeymoon State Park, and beyond....
It's really hard to choose photos to post here. I have so many to choose from. I don't want to post all in the case that someone coming here will view my slideshow... anyways, here's another post of only some of the photos that I took.  I had the slideshow in mind while travelling, hence the ton of photos.

The best photos of the ocean often had fog in them.  It seemed to make it more dramatic!

I saw this neat IBIS bicycle at the bicycle shop in Newport
A Surly Pugsley?  I love the fat tires, good for deep sand/snow

Below I've posted some photos from the Jesse M. Honeymoon Campsite which we stayed at on Day 3

Couple on a Cannondale Tandem who were from Santa Barbara

We bumped into this guy a few times at various campsites.
Bicycle was almost at 10,000 kms on way to Jesse M. Honeymoon Campsite
Sadly, the numbers went back to Zero.  Odometers really need to go up to 100,000.
Seven Devil's Road
Dune Buggy!  Where's my Pugsley when I need it?
 The Seven Devils Road was a challenging, but entertaining road to ride.  The 'devils' were the hills!  Just South of Honeymoon.  Someone spray painted on the road.
Good to know!

I've done them all!

That's my life motto!


  1. Very jealous! Nice pics too. Someday, maybe...

    Be careful about reading painted messages on the road and elsewhere... they can mess up your mind, man, leading to experiments with Nihilism and/or Love.

  2. You should ride it! Despite the narrow roads in California, it was worth it. So beautiful!



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