Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Pacific Coast Photo Album - Day 2

Bridge that connects Washington to Oregon
Astoria to Nehalem Bay State Park

(Approximately 40 or so Miles)

*Warning* If you are going to see my eventual slide-show in the future, many of these photos will be featured in it.

We stayed at a hotel near one of bridges that connects Washington to Oregon states.  I have heard that it is quite a challenging bridge to cross on a bike because of the strong crosswinds, although apparently the official ACA route goes across another bridge.   And that one is also very challenging as you can imagine. Even though we didn't have to cross those particular bridges, we did have our fair share of challenging bridges to cross on our journey.  (Tunnels too)

Before departing for Nehalem Bay, we took a side trip to the Goonies house.  I love the sign at the beginning of the driveway.

One of two tunnels that we had to go through
We went through one of the tunnels on the first day.  Another bicyclist was kind enough to push the 'bicycles in tunnel' sign button to activate the blinking lights on the warning sign.

 We met this group of woman cyclists in Seaside, they were riding on a fully supported tour down the Oregon Coast/
Nehalem  Bay

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