Monday, October 4, 2010

The Ancient Forest in Autumn

On Saturday, I volunteered to move some wood in from the trailer in the parking lot to where the Universal Boardwalk is being built.  It was only 13 c, but felt a lot warmer!

There were 6 of us volunteering this time, and we had to get it unloaded before people came to pick up the trailer.  As there were more volunteers this time, unlike in May, it would be no problem.

We had help at one point from some UNBC students.
There's beauty to the Ancient Forest every Season.

At one point a person walking on trail told us he didn't like us building a boardwalk for Wheelchairs, as he thought it would ruin things.  I respect peoples opinions, but I think it's important that they are able to get out and enjoy nature.  Besides, eventually the whole trail system has to have boardwalk on it, due to all the foot traffic on it.  And it's a work of love as all the wood being used for the boardwalk, has to be carried in by sling and foot.
We got all day to carry that wood in 400 metres.

That's Red Mountain straight ahead (and Green Mtn. on the left of it) the hike I did at the beginning of Sept.

Near the end of day as we were carrying the last pieces of 2x4s in, we met with a bicycle group that had just arrived.  They were doing a weekend trip from town, and were staying the night here.  I saw them on the road as we were driving out to the forest in the morning.  Wish I knew them, I would have loved to join them!  Oh well, there is always next Spring.


  1. Good job ! It's going to look fabulous.

  2. Great job you're doing! I unfortunately can believe that some people would complain about the work you're doing. Does Canada have a law like the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)? That law requires stuff like ramps, so that all public places and many private places are accessible by people with disabilities.



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