Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hikes of 2010 Caledonia Ramblers Slideshow (shortened version)

Here is the video I created using Photostory 3 for Windows, for the 2010 Fall AGM of the Caledonia Ramblers Hiking Club.  I had to shrink it by 2 mins to get it to fit on YouTube.  This is the third year that I have done a 'Hikes of' slide show for the club.  It has been very well received!  The hardest part for me in creating them is finding the right music for it.  As in previous years, my choices were very good and people like the music.  This year it took me a whole week of evenings to find just the right songs.  But well worth the effort!  And awesome photos too, there are some GREAT photographers in the club.


1 comment:

  1. Very nice Music ,it Suits the Theme of the Mountain Vistas. Very rugged Country especially with the Snow ,possibility of Avalanches.Very Beautiful scenery.I liked the Presentation very much.



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