Saturday, October 30, 2010

Winter confliction

I love my bicycle!  She has been so good to me since I bought here in February 2009.  I've racked over 4500 kms on her and she's had little problems.  Heck, I'm still on the same tires that came with the bicycle.  Only the chain/cassette, bike stand, and handlebar grips are different.

After cooling off during the last month or so, it's been threatening to snow.  I was lucky last year as we hardly had any snow and the only month where I couldn't bicycle around was December.  That was it, I biked till November, stopped for a month, then started up again in January.  I never lost being in shape on my bicycle.

Today I have been entertaining the notion of getting studded tires for my beauty, but part of me doesn't want to expose her to the damaging effects of the snow/ice/cold.  I have been thinking that at some time I will want to get a beater bicycle similar to what people like Sarah from Edmonton use for Winter.

I just don't want to get it just right yet.  I've splurged all year on bicycle stuff, like a bike gloves, bike shorts, bike socks, bike bottles, a second back LED light, toe clips, bike pump (that actually does a good job pumping air into tires, unlike what my hand one does), a good quality MSR backpacking ultralight tent (used for hiking and bike touring).  And not to forget Tour De Jasper, which was totally worth the money spent, as it was an unforgettable experience.

I just want to save now, for nice German bike bags, a bike trailer, and trips to Calfornia (with bike) or to Egypt (with GAP Advnetures).  I also want to save for a reasonable beater bike- want to check bike swap next May.- and gear it up as a Winter bike, studded tires and the works. I will bike as much as I can get away this winter without being too hard on bike and save for next year..I know I can do it, I've already started saving.  The irony is that I've been given a $50 gift card for mall, but don't know what to get with it, so it's unspent so far.   Things that I like to get you can't get at a mall, but at a speciality shop.  Oh well, goal is for getting Winter bike at next year's bike swap..I know I can do it!

What kind of bicycle do you use for Winter?  Do you use the same bike all year around, or do you have an actual 'Winter' bike?  Which is better, skinny or fat tires, and gears or little gears/no gears bicycle? The main use would be grocery getting.  How much did your Winter bike cost you?


  1. We rarely get Snow in Dublin but last Year it was bad for about two Weeks around Christmas.

    I have several Bikes ,ones with Skinny Tyres and the Dutch one with Two Inch Schwalbe Marathon with Kevlar Guard Tyres. So the Dutch Bike is best for the Snow when getting the Groceries,but still I Slipped in the Snow a bit.

    So you have to take it nice and slow as the Dutch Bike Tyres are not Studded but at least it is better than the other Bikes as it is a Heavy Bike and more Stable.

    It would be better if I had an Old Crock of a Mountain Bike with Knobbly Tyres for the Snow though and I could also use it on the Canal Tow Paths, but I would not spend big Money on buying one as it would only occasionally be used.

    We only get Snow very Rarely and mostly for just a couple of Days unlike Canada so a beater Mountain Bike would be best.

  2. Hi Carolyn, I've just found your blog and find your posts interesting to read - and I'm wondering, do you ride a red Marin bike?? The handlebars and settings look something like mine, and I LOVE this bike, as you seem to love your bike too.

  3. It's a Rocky Mountain Whistler, which I really love! Although, I do like Marin bikes too, seen a few around here. You have a Marin?

    I definitely love my bike so much! I don't want snow to come..but I know it's going to stay soon. It was a very nice day to ride today though, the sun was out, the snow melted quickly..very good day to be on my bike.

    People think I am crazy for for riding so late in the season, but I think they are crazy for not trying it! ;)



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