Monday, October 11, 2010

Bike Workshop

Yesterday I attended a bike repair workshop at a local bike shop.  My bicycle is currently in good shape as it had work done on it before Tour De Jasper this summer, but I thought it would be good to learn anyways.  It was connected with the 10/10/10 Work Party at  and there were events happening on that day all over the world.

There were 3 sections, changing a flat tire which I already know, cleaning/lubing bicycle, and basic bicycle mechanics.

I hanged out for a while at the lube station outside.  I had already cleaned and lubed my chain that morning, so I didn't have to do a full clean there.  If I had known, I would have waited till then.  I got him to check my chain and it still had too much lube on it so he wiped more off with a rag.
Bike chain cleaning station
I asked him about chain wear, and like they did with mine in the Summer, mechanics tend to replace both the worn chain and the back cassette at the same time.  Even though I have a chain wear gauge I had him check the wear on mine and it's still in good shape, which I expected.  It's only been a half year since it was replaced, but I wanted to be sure I was reading the gauge properly..  I am thinking that maybe by next July, or possibly the end of next season that it will be needed to be replaced again.  I'll keep track of it and see
We all signed the sign for climate solutions
There was not too bad a turnout.

I went inside and listened a bit to peoples one guy had really worn chain, and other worn parts.  Someone had old cracked tires that would eventually need replacing.  I watched in the mechanics area as the mechanic showed us how to adjust the front derailleurs.  The lady had just bought it in July and the derailleur was out of positing and the chain was rubbing hard on it, which can cause fast wear and tear on it.

I wish I had spent more time in the mechanics side.  At first I didn't because my bike currently has no problems, but I could watch as they fixed common bicycle problems that people had.  The organizers said that they do this workshop once a year at least, so I could come to the next one and learn more.

After the workshop, we went for a group ride.  I eventually departed as was invited to a  Thanksgiving dinner at friends.

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  1. That class is a great idea. Good for you! I should really learn more about my like, but I fear I'm too lazy.



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