Sunday, October 17, 2010

Cool days

It's becoming cooler now, and there's a nip in the air.  I fear snow could come at any time!  I find myself having unmotivated days, but I think that's partly due to sinuses.  Yesterday I did manage to bicycle to the grocery store, but that's about it.

Today, it was sunny again and I had energy!  So I went out for a ride and it felt like I was on the road again.  It was a bit nippy on my ears, I could have almost used a touque to cover them.  I have swapped my dedicated bicycling gloves for light winter gloves.  It's not quite cold enough to use my more heavy duty ones.

I bicycled on the part of the Heritage trail that is now paved.  I like that it goes right to the intersection.
All the leaves have fallen off the trees.  The paved trail ahead goes to the intersection in the distance.
I'm back at home now working on a slide show that I must complete by this Friday's upcoming Caledonia Rambler Hiking Club's AGM.  I have been creating a 'highlight' of hikes of the past season using photographs that the club members have submitted.  As everyone really likes them, I've been encouraged to keep on making them for the fall meetings.  Speaking of which, I should really make one of my bicycle tour this Summer to send to my friends as an Xmas present.


  1. What part of the trail is that photo? I rode it end-to-end when I visited the city this summer, trying to picture that location

  2. It's near the Carney/Winnipeg intersection.

  3. Snow any day now? Yikes, you Canadians have it really bad. Good idea to enjoy the sun while you can, even if the air's nippy.

  4. Looks like a pretty trail. Is it plowed during the winter?

  5. @Dottie yep, it could snow anytime. It's not unusual here to get cold by Halloween and snow. Thankfully it's been too warm to yet, but I've been wearing my Down Jacket as it's been a chilly wet ride.

    Yep, they plow it, but I find the paths not very easy to ride on in the winter as it's so icy. I am not sure if they sand the paths or not, they do the sidewalks, so I imagine they must do the paths as people do walk it in the Winter. I tend to just bicycle on the roads when there's snow. Though I love the trail and I am so glad that I live near it to get to enjoy lots.

    If I wasn't wanting to save money right now like crazy, I'd get a beater bike with studded tires so I can bike more during Winter.



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