Saturday, October 23, 2010

My other 'blog' project

Out with the old (but great)
I've been part of the Caledonia Ramblers Hiking club since 2002.  It's a local hiking club that does easy and hard hikes.  It's focused on hiking in the Mountains, but we have started offering more easy hikes (with great success) that follow rivers, and go up smaller mountains/hills.

I offered to create a new website for them as the one they had at the time was horrible!  I've been running it for many years now.  The current (and soon old) website that I created and run is located at  We've been lucky to get free hosting from our local university, UNBC.  But we have been finding that as people have been sending in trip reports and photos from hikes, that the server filled up fast!  The trip reports/submitted photos has been very successful as people love to share their photos. It's also a good record of the hikes in the past, ie weather, memorable happenings, etc.

In with the new, also great.

It is time to move on!  My Website helper, Peter H., has created a wonderful new site, I REALLY love the design.  There are some new features such as rating a trail and having an account on Twitter so that people can keep up to date on upcoming hikes/events on their cellphone.  Check it out at  I think it is nice to have a domain now so that the website is easier to remember.

Thanks Peter for creating such a new website.  It's not quite ready to go yet, there's a little more info that needs to be posted, but it looks great.  And it uses Wordpress which I heard is a good program.  And also thanks goes out to Uta who talked me into joining the Executive of the club, I'm glad I am a big part of it.  I've made some good friends and have had some wonderful adventures with them.

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