Saturday, March 19, 2011

Changing of Seasons

Roads are bare and dry in many parts.
It's been a good week.  The sun has is out and the snow is melting fast.  Despite the roads being wet and sloppy in parts, I rode my Rocky Mountain around today.  I just had to watch out for all those potholes.

I took her in to the shop this past Tuesday to beat the rush and it was ready to pick up after work next day! It need some new brake pads, cable, etc.  I know the weather is much better then it has been as I have biked every day to work this week, with both bikes.

While I was out riding today, I stopped at a nearby mall to mail another Postcrossing card to California, and then I made an origami Swan.  I will have to clean the bike up as it's quite dirty after the ride.  My beater bike was developing rust on chain so I cleaned that the other day with degreaser.  I am a bit worried that rust will form on Rocky Mtn. bike because of the crap on the road, but at least I know that it will come off easily.  I got to get some fenders for the beater bike tomorrow, as it's better riding over the black ice early in the morning right now. 

Made my first origami Crane.  This is dedicated to my Japanese friend on Twitter.
I used the same lube on my beater bike that I used on the Rocky Mtn, and unlike the RM, the chainlinks still do not freeze up!  So it's not the lube causing the problems of frozen chainlinks on my RM, I guess it's just not a Winter bike.  But I seemed to have solved the problem of constant flats.  Last Sunday I went through every pock hole on the front tire, with a needle, and tweezers and I found what looked like a very very small piece of glass. I have not received a flat since, so I suspect that I fixed the problem.  Thank you Coreen for such wonderful hints on how to find the tiny piece that was causing the flats.

Postcrossing card from Natasha, who lives in Krasnoyarsk, Russia

I received this one on Wednesday.

Speaking of postcrossing, after giving up hope this week, I received 3!  Two on Wednesday were from the Netherlands and Australia.  And yesterday, I received one from Russia, which took 44 days to get here.  They are not bike themed, but that is ok.  I have 9 cards now and they hang on my Postcrossing Wall.


  1. Thanks to you, I have signed up for post-crossings too!

  2. Be warned, it's addictive! But I love it, I am glad that my Sister-in-law let me know about it, as she knew that it would be my kind of thing. It reminds me of my penpal days.

    And who doesn't like to get a surprise (or two, or three..) in the mailbox after work. Beats bills any day...



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