Saturday, March 12, 2011

The end of hibernation?

There may be still snow, but it was a nice day to take out Pura Vida.
Many of my Winter Saturdays consisted of taking my sweet time to leave the house.  Today I was just itching to go outside! It is 6C outside, perfect weather to take my Rocky Mountain outside in.

Since there was snow still on the bike rack, I found another good place to lock it up.

Even though it has only been since November since I last rode her, it feels like forever! Although I did appreciate have a Winter Beater bike to ride this Winter, it is nothing like my good bike.  I think that I appreciate it that much more. Why would I ever get a car when I love her so much?  It brings me such joy to ride her.

Roads are sloppy, but snow is melting.
I took advantage of the warm weather and used her to carry some groceries, mail another postcrossing postcard out, purchase a few spare bike tubes, visit the Farmer's Market (which is held inside a building) and enjoy riding my RM.  I realize that this is not the end of Winter yet, but this warmspell gives me hope. I was kind of disappointed not seeing any other bikes at the Farmer's Market, but I am sure that more will be coming out soon.
My lastest Postcrossing card is going to Jenny in China
Good time to stock up.  I missed the convenience of the bike rack and basket.
I even have given up on snowshoeing even though it's been great weather for it during the last week.  I suppose that I shouldn't because I know how many of my readers enjoy the photos that I take.  But bicycling is nice too. 

I want to take her into the shop for a tuneup, but I don't think that it will happen this weekend as I want to enjoy her for a while and I really don't think that there will be a mad rush to the bike shop for tuneups just yet.  Although I miss hiking too, and even though it will be a while before hiking officially starts, our club is in the process of creating this year's hiking schedule, and I've volunteered to lead two this season.  I can't wait!

I've been enjoying Postcrossing.  This past Monday, I received 2 cards, one from Louisiana and one from Taiwan.  I have one more open slot to mail another one if I so wish.  This has been fun way to pass the Winter! The guy from Louisiana is a bicyclist and is prepping for a 150 mile ride in Memphis this September, how cool is that?

The homemade postcard that I received from Taiwan on Monday.  Very special!
I didn't receive any other postcards as I thought I would, but perhaps the one coming to me is coming from a country where it takes longer for the post to travel from. Here's hoping that I get it next week.  The one that I sent to Turkey is on Day 11 of travel, so I am hoping that it is received soon.

Things are awakening up, it's soon time for me to end my hibernation.


  1. Hopefully not much longer with the snow. That photo looks like the hill up Ospika Blvd, I saw it has bike lanes now, but I guess it doesn't really when there's all that snow!

  2. That's Patricia Blvd., right beside the Civic Centre. Even when there is no snow on them, the bike lanes are kind of useless because of all the cars parked on them.

    Just went to the mall and saw outdoor fair booths...bumped into friend who also did Tour De Jasper last year. He was at the Cycling Club booth. I may join that club this year!



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