Saturday, March 26, 2011

Parking woes and other Saturday Ramblings

Not one place to lock a bike up.
Yeh, it's another weekend!

As I am going out for dinner at a restaurant in the above hotel, I decided on my way to the grocery store, that I should stop along the way and scout the new hotel and restaurant out for places to park and lock my bike up.  I wasn't expecting a bike rack, but I found the results much worse then that!

There sure was no bike rack, but there also wasn't a street sign anywhere in sight that I could also lock bike on.  In fact, there was nothing on that street that looked good to use.  I could lock it on one of the skinny new trees, but what is to stop from someone chopping it down to get my bike.
This is the only place that I found that I could lock a bike up
I found this fence across the street, which is an entrance to the local tennis club.  It is closed for the Winter.  The fence is the only REASONABLE option where I can lock my bike, it will have to do.  I of course came back after grocery shopping and complained to the Sandman Hotel.  I was going to write a big complain piece here, but as they are brand new and the landscaping is not done, I won't, yet.  I had bugged the Casino/hotel nearby about the lack of bike parking, but nothing was ever done about it!  If they don't put it in, I don't support them!  But I will be giving the Sandman the benefit of the doubt this time round.  I am lucky to find ANY place to park my bike.  I would be so tempted to bring the bike inside the restaurant or hotel, but I don't want to make them mad at me..I should though! :)
Roads are clear now, but I fell on this part when it was Icy in Febuary.
There are still big snowbanks around even though the roads are bare

On a more positive note, the snow is slowly melting and the roads are clear, albeit dirty.  I took my Rocky Mountain out today to shop and to mail my latest Postcrossing postcard, to Austria.
This Postcrossing card is going to Austria
Postcard from an 11 year old in Turkey
I love how Postcrossing is so random, I wasn't expecting cards this week, and I got 3!  1 direct swap from Netherlands (part I- not the bike card, but an apology for not sending one yet from the same lady) and 2 Postcrossing ones- 1 from Turkey (11 yr old!) and one from Massachusetts.  The one from the USA is my first Bike themed one!  It's a unicycle from a Pixar short.  Yeh for Postcrossing, you just never know when you will get a surprise.

My first Bike themed postcard from Massachusetts
Lastly, my front tire hasn't had anymore flats, so I think I found what was causing it.  But my back tire got one again yesterday and I had to walk bike home.  I tried pumping it up at local bike store then riding home, but it lost air very quickly.  I took it apart and found a piece of glass embedded in the tire using the cotton swab method.  No flats today, so I think I fixed the problem for the back tire.  Yeh! Thanks for all those who sent in tips.


  1. Many stores here have added bike racks over the years or at least have sufficient enough spots for parking.

    I seldom eat out (at best once per year), though in passing it seems only the odd fast food place offers proper bike racks (McDonalds & Burger King).
    Restaurants such as Montana's & Kelsey's don't really offer any bike racks, however they are landscaped in such a way you could use trees (too public for anyone to try and chop it down:P )

    We don't have any casinos in my city, however there are two exceptionally large casinos in Niagara Falls which is fairly close (perhaps an hour by bike).
    I haven't actually been to either of them, however two years ago when I went for a ride to Niagara Falls, I did notice 50-80 bikes in the back parked at our newer casino. I was told those were employees.

  2. I ended up parking in what will be the summer patio- on the lightpost. I used my beater bike so I wouldn't have to worry about locking it up as good. I like to lock both tires and bike when I use the good bike as it has quick release, so if a post is too big, it doesn't work. But with my beater bike, I just lock the frame.

    I think that I could have used the regular bike as it would have worked somewhat and it turned out that we sat in the table right next to the window facing the patio, so it would be easy to watch!

    Although, to get back to the highway (in the dark) as there is a barrier at the turnoff that I took to get to the hotel, I had to ride over some serious mud that might have been a little too much for my Rocky Mountain's skinny tires.



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