Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sure feels like Spring!

University hill straight ahead, & there is lots of snow up there still.
It is a gorgeous Spring day.  I think that it has arrived. I cleaned a little this morning, but I realized that this is the nicest that it has been this year so far, so I better go out and enjoy it!   I bike a lot solo and I really don't mind, I can make the day as I want.

Since I saw that the roads south of the Downtown were clear while I was doing a Home Depot run yesterday, I felt that it was time to do a longer ride.  I did the University hill/College Heights loop.  It was a total of  20 kms, which is the most that I've done all Winter.  I was surprised how easy it was going up University Hill, even though I do a little bit of climbing to work each day.  But nothing like that hill!  I keep more in shape then I thought.

Except for some wet spots, road is clear, albeit lots of dirt on sides.
I could have almost wore shorts going up as I was that warm, yet it's only 8c outside.  I think that's the perfect temperature to bike up a hill.  I wore just my t-shirt going up and I was quite warm.  I put more layers back on when I reached the peak and started my descent into College Heights. This is the hill that I trained on for my Tour De Jasper trip last year.
Prince George...I live down there somewhere.
This is where we snowshoed and saw the deer in Winter, in these woods nearby.

I stopped by the Westgate mall and bought a rope perch for the birds as one had broken and some more mini-clothpins to hang my Postcrossing postcards with on my wall.  I also enjoyed a small iced capp from Tim Hortons, a Canadian tradition.  Yum!  Guiltless too.

Parked near Tim Hortons
The potholes were bad in College Heights, I swear many would swallow a bike!  I biked carefully.  I heard that road will be repaved this Summer.

I returned downtown and I decided to pick up some well deserved beer from the local Liquor store.  I picked up one of my favourites, Granville Island Kitsilano Maple Cream Ale.  Tasty!  Nice end to an awesome bike riding day!

And I didn't drop or break any on ride home.


  1. In your second photo, I see a sign for "Timberwolf Trail." Is this a new trail, and where does it go?

  2. I think that it just follows the side of the road, perhaps the sidewalk. I found out through one member of the hiking club I'm with that there is some well developed trails going up from the bottom of the hill, all the way up to the University...he used those to train to do the Grand Canyon in one day last November.



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