Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Bikes on Lace

Yeh, I got my second 'Bike-themed' postcard today and it was so special that I thought I'd make a post just about that.

It's a photo of bikes on Lace and it's from the Musee des Beaux-Arts de la Dentelle de Calais which translated into English means Calais Museum of fine arts and lace.  That piece of art that the postcard represents is apparently over 100 years old!  I love France, I've been to Paris and Giverny (Monet) in 2002.  This means so much to me!  This is a Direct Swap with Nolleke, who lives in the Netherlands.

She even managed to find a bike themed stamp from the Netherlands, this is so cool!

I am hoping that since I put the request for Bicycle themed postcards on my Postcrossing Profile, that I will be getting more bike related postcards in the future (and stamps, if I am lucky!), but I will not be disappointed at all if I don't receive them all the time.  I am very happy to receive ANY postcard that someone spent the time to write on and send off in the mail to me.  All that effort for a total stranger.  :)

And since we are on a France bike/pedestrian Artsy theme, here's a page that I saw yesterday that provides a creative way to fix potholes in Paris, with yarn.  Check it out at .

1 comment:

  1. So Cool! The postcard, the stamp AND the wool filled potholes are very nifty.



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