Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Postcard Quest - By bike of course!

My Sunday Quest for Postcards was a success!
Ever since I have got into Postcrossing, I've been looking for interesting postcards.  Prince George is not a touristy place, but I have seen postcards for sale, mostly in the Summer.  I've had a problem finding some good ones that represent where I live.  Sure the cute animal ones made by Canada Post are neat, but they don't need stamps put onto them, and some postcrossers like stamps!

So today, I decided to go on a Quest for Postcards.  It has snowed a lot during the last few days and the roads are in terrible shape, but I decided to bicycle around.  My first goal was to go to the Tourist Centre, which according to online information was open.

Downtown streets are not plowed, nor are sidewalks.

It was quite an adventure making my way to the Tourist Bureau.  The streets were full of snow.  I biked on side streets where there was hardly any traffic.  Not that there would be much traffic downtown on a Sunday morning, as a lot of shops are closed.  When I could, I biked on the road, but I had to bike on a few sidewalks/parking lots, when necessary.

Road was quiet with traffic, perfect for riding on!

I was kind of disappointed that I had made all that effort of riding to the Tourist Bureau, and it was CLOSED.  Although, I was sort of expecting that anyways.

As I was biking back home, I decided to go back to the local Bookstore, Book's & Company.  It's a great little bookstore and there is often free live entertainment there too.  Lo and behold, there were postcards!  And a nice selection too.  I bought 6 for now, with different themes to suit who I am sending them too.  I felt like I had hit the jackpot!

Love Canada Post's cute animal postcards, so do others.

Similar themed international stamps I got.
I then biked to the mall near me, and found that the post office in the store wasn't open until 12, so I went and bought some more food.  After, I got a couple of stamps and another cute Polar Bear postcard for a lady in the Netherlands that I met on Twitter, who requested one.  Maybe I'll get her to send me a bicycle themed postcard from there!  I did put a request for Bicycle themed postcards in my Postcrossing profile, so let's see if I get any.  I will post those here for sure.

This one is going to a 12 yr old in Russia.

What a nice way to pass a Winter's glad that I took the bicycle out.  And it should also be an exciting week for me as I'm expecting anywhere from 1 to 4 postcards to arrive in my mailbox this week.  It depends on where they are coming from as to how long that it takes them to reach my mailbox.  Here's hoping for a few mailbox surprises this week!

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