Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sunny Saturday on bike

While doing errands I noticed Mr PG was holding a special flag.  Yeh for the City's support!
Today was errand day. And it was an enjoyable one with the sun being out.  We had some rain last week, so the snow has been disappearing.  I rode over 10 kms just doing errands, it's amazing how many miles I do a day. What's better is I don't even notice!  I can tell Spring is here, there are tons more people out on their bicycles now, which is great to see.  I miss that in Winter.
Lucky postcard in basket is going to Poland!

The snow is melting, but not quickly
I mailed another postcard, this time one to Poland.  I mentioned that I was there in 2005 visiting where my Dad was born.  It's a wonderful country to visit!  I even took a bicycle tour while I was there.

I took the Krakow bicycle tour in 2005

 Ah, the travel bug is upon me!  Should I blame Postcrossing?  No,  I've been reminiscing a lot lately of all my travels, and that is normal for me at this time of year.  Either I've got Spring Fever, or am recovering from Cabin fever, or both.  I would love to take off somewhere right now, but I can't.  I will be getting some time off soon, so I will go to Vancouver for a few days to visit family and perhaps meet a bicyclist down there. I'd love to explore the bike paths and do some geocaching with bikes too.  I've already downloaded the city map and some geocaching coordinates for downtown Vancouver.  Can't wait to do some searching, there's been too much snow to do any up here.

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