Sunday, April 10, 2011

First ride in Park for 2011

First ride in Park for 2011
Despite it being a gloomy looking day with a threat of snow, I decided to go for a little ride out to the major park in the City.  So off I rode to Fort George Park.  I didn't bike up by way of the Heritage trail like I do in the Summer as I suspect some sections in the forest still have snow or ice on it.

I was surprised to see a little more snow on my way up to the park.  It was only a small hill that I biked up, but there definitely was more snow.  I imagine that out 73 kms East of town, my Grand Canyon geocache is still covered with 5 or more feet of snow!  Speaking of which, I should be able to geocache around town soon as a lot of area has no more snow.
Still big chunks of snow here and there
Despite the Winter like weather, there were several people out walking and 2 bicyclists.  I did the loop around the park and took some photos of the park and of the Mighty Fraser River.
This is where the Nechako river meets the mighty Fraser River.
There is still ice floating down the river.
After riding in the park I decided to visit a Nicaraguan friend who lives near by.  She was my inspiration to want to visit Central America- Costa Rica- in 2008.  It's been a while since I dropped in to visit her.

Well, soon another work week is upon us, but I am glad I had the weekend to enjoy.  I just wish it was a little warmer outside, but as I can see from other blogs, Spring is arriving late this year.  Well, except for Europe.  A friend in the UK said it was in the 20s (80 f) today. So jealous!

Oh, one last bit, I took a pic of this mileage number, only 4000 more to go to make it all crazy 8s.
Not bad for a bike that is just over 2 years old.

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  1. Just a few warm days and you'll be in heaven again!



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