Sunday, April 17, 2011

Good Postcrossing week

Postcard from Belgium
It was a good Postcrossing week.  It more then made up for the week before's lack of any postcards.

On Monday, I received a surprise bicycle themed postcard from Nolleke in the Netherlands, and on Wednesday, I received another bicycle themed postcard from Taiwan.  Then, on Thursday, I received a postcard from Belgium, and on Friday, I received a postcard from Russia.  It was sent from a lady in Siberia.

The Moscow Zoo
Cool Russian Stamp

I have 5 cards cards travelling at the moment.  The one going to China is on day 35, so I wonder if it is lost? I could email the person about it, but if she hasn't posted, I won't bother ruining a surprise if she eventually receives it.  Beside, it 'expires' after 60 days and another slot opens for me to mail a postcard to someone.

I have another one on it's way to a city 500 kms South of Moscow, and the average travel time from Canada to that particular address is 38 days (according to the person's Postcrossing stats), so I am not expecting it to be received for a while.   Right now, because it's taking the postcards a while to arrive, I haven't had much open slots to mail many postcards out.

I did manage to mail one to Germany yesterday, which I hope won't take very long.   I sent also one to Nokelle in the Netherlands and it arrived fast!  I sent it on Monday and it arrived on Friday.  Amazing.  This is a good study in postcard delivery times by country.

It was nice to see 2 bicycle themed postcards show up this week, people are making the effort to find some to send to me.  I wonder what surprises lay in store for me?


  1. That's so cool! I love the tactile experience of receiving mail in this digital age.

  2. I think that's the best part of it. I like to think that it will keep the post office busy. There are a lot of people interested in it which is good to see. They just went past the 7 million mark of postcards sent. Amazing!

    What I really like about it is that I have to keep on practising writing neat. You tend to lose that ability when you go to College/University and later on as most of the time we don't write as much anymore these days.



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