Sunday, April 24, 2011

Gold Geocaching Adventures Part II

Found me a big Gold Nugget!
When I last left you yesterday, we were driving to Quesnel with some geocaching stops along the way.  Quesnel is about 130 or so kms South of PG.

After just over an hour of driving, we finally made it to Quesnel.  Quesnel is a small town, with a population just under 10,000. But it has a lot of character.  Like PG, it's a Pulp Mill town, but also had Gold Rush history too.  Barkerville, which is 100 kms or so East of Quesnel, was at one time the biggest Gold Rush City North of San Francisco!

As we arrived into the town, parked our cars and headed for the local River Trail.  It's located right downtown and is really pretty.  Prince George also has a river trail, but nothing like this!  It's perfect for walking and bicycling.
Nice path by River

Pedestrian Bridge would be great for bicycles.
Quesnel even saved their old bridge when they built a new one for vehicles.  This old bridge is a pedestrian bridge.  I wish I had brought my bike along so I could ride across it.  We had a similar bridge in PG, but they recently tore it down and rebuilt a new one.  They did build a small replica on the River Trail, but nothing like this one.  There weren't tons of cyclists like you see in PG or Vancouver, but I did see a few people bicycling by us.  Sorry that I couldn't get a closer shot!
Saw a few cyclists out on the road and trails.

Love the pedestrian bridge
Below is the old Hudson's Bay Trading Post.  This company was very big in Canada, involved in the Fur Trade.  The company still exists as the Bay, but is partly if not all owned by a company in the USA.  It's one of the oldest (if not the oldest) companies in North America, dating back to the 1400's.
Old Hudson's Bay Trading Post
We spent the day searching for various geocaches in the town. I've been to places that I had never been to before. Hiking around town reminded me of the Pinnacles Provincial Park which is just on the outskirts of Quesnel- West Side. In a few weeks, we shall be hiking there. I wonder if there are any geocaches there?

Climbed many hills...
....For some awesome views

Simpson Theme going on with the cache contents
We did some pretty crazy things that day!  Though as adventurous as I may be, I wasn't too crazy.
Who's that climbing tree?  Ain't me!
We had a pretty successful day, we found a lot of geocaches.  Sure, there were a few that we couldn't find.  But that just means we'll have to make a return trip!  I don't mind because Quesnel is such a quaint town to visit, and fairly close to PG.  We did see many of the trees in bud, and some Butterflies.  If that isn't a sign of Spring, I don't know what is.  I haven't seen any buds in PG yet, but they should start appearing in a week or so.  Quesnel is much more drier and tends to be warmer then PG is.  It gets even more dry as you head further South.

So Mr. Burns, just what did you think of the Geocaching day?

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