Sunday, April 3, 2011

Time for a new lock

The plastic case covering keyhole and area, broke off.  (Left one is old lock)
I had problems with the old lock this Winter, it was getting hard to move key.  I used WD-40 to clean the keyhole and it moved smoothly again.  But today, the plastic casing on both sides of the keyhole area, fell off.  The lock still works, but with the metal exposed, not sure what rain will do to it.  And the metal would damage my frame easier if I accidentally let go of the lock and it hit the frame.

Key comes with built in LED light
I picked up another one with the thickest cable that I could find on it. It's called a Doberman and it's made by  I know it's not the high-end ones that you see in the big cities, but what I've been using seems to work around here.  I wrap both wheels and frame to the bike rack when I lock it up.  If I am leaving it outside for a longer time, I double lock it with the best U-lock that I could find in town and the cable lock..  I learned the double locking method from others on the web from big cities like New York, and Vancouver, where theft if higher.

Is it worth giving the old lock to someone? It still works, just missing protective cover.  Or should I just throw it away?

What do you use to lock your bike up?


  1. There's little more frustrating than a lock that won't work easily... I finally found a strong U-Lock that also unlocks with enough ease that I can do it with my little finger. I also do the double-locking: U-Lock through the frame, front wheel, and bike rack, then a cable through the U-Lock and the rear wheel.

  2. I think you are smart to get a new lock but keep your old for emergency. Buying locks is fun, I think!!

  3. Good idea PaddyAnne, I am keeping the other one. The new one isn't as flexible as the old one, so it is a bit more challenging to lock the bike up with it, but I am managing.



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