Saturday, April 9, 2011

Patience needed

Snow is melting slowly
Not much to post about today, but I took another photo of the area that I took last week to show you that the snow is melting.  It's not melting very fast, but I suppose that it is better then flooding.

Some of big potholes that I was biking by have been temporally fixed, so I don't have to worry about trying to miss them.  I should take some photos of the potholes that I have seen in my travels.  :)

No postcrossing postcards arrived this week, but the one I sent to Brazil, FINALLY made it!  It took 34 days to get there, but when I look at the other recent cards that the person had received, mine didn't take too long.  There was one card that took 60 days to travel to Brazil from the USA, can you imagine?  I just sent out one to a city in Russia that is 500 kms south of Moscow.  According to the person's stats, it'll take 38 days to get there from Canada. It would be nice if it got there as quickly as the one I sent to Moscow did, but I just have to accept however long it takes.

Just as life is slower on a bicycle (no so fast paced), so is snail mail versus e-mail.  We are so used to instant replies, with cellphones and emails, that we forget patience.  Snail mail and bicycles I think, teach us to slow down a patient and not expect things to rush around quickly.  You get a chance to smell the roses. I guess the same could be said about the slow melting snow, it's certainly not rushing to melt away.

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