Sunday, April 24, 2011

Bike & Geocache Fail

Crossing the Fraser River
Happy Easter everyone!

It has been so nice out this weekend, that I thought I'd give it another go at geocaching around town with my bike.  I biked out to the BCR Industrial Site, just South of the City. This is where the trains go through, load and unload.

On my way out, a group of cyclists speeding away in their lycra and fast bikes, went past me.  I imagine that they are from the local cycling club.

CN trains loaded with local timber
As I was biking around, I realized that the geocaches that I were looking for, were on the riverbank, or in the area.  The question is, how do I get there?  There were all these trains in the way and Private Property warning signs.  After exploring around for a bit, I gave up on it, for now.  I got to talk to Geocaching buddies about how to get to the area of the geocaches safely without breaking the law.  There's got to be a way!
Location shoot for Reindeer Games
I crossed back on to the Bridge.  As I was starting I noticed this path going under, so I thought I'd check it out. Maybe it follows the river?  Nope...just goes to the other side of the highway!  Bummer.  I'll be back though.

It probably was a good thing though that I stopped looking, as when I returned home, I found that I had a headache! I never get those.  I figure that I didn't drink enough yesterday when we were geocaching in Quesnel, and that this was a dehydration headache.  I get those sometimes if I don't drink enough.  I've taken some Tylenol and started drinking lots to get rid of it.  I really got to be careful now.  I am not used to the heat I guess.  It's been warm enough to wear just my t-shirt!

I'm now going to relax a bit....
Simon Fraser Bridges

I did hit a milestone today, I reached 5000 kilometers (only 3106 miles, but getting there!).  Yeh, here's to many thousands more.  My next milestone will be 10,000 kms.  Will the odometer go past 9999?  We'll find out!  And to think that I didn't know if it would go past 999!
Hit a big milestone today, that's in Kilometers

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