Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Gold Geocaching Adventure Part I

While exploring Quesnel, we found some cool Murals.
Yeh!  It looks like Spring is here!  It was a warm sunny day, the first that we've had all year.  Sure, we've had lots of Sunny days, but the cold wind would put a damper on it.

What better to do then to have some Geocaching fun and hit the road at the same time.  I've been itching to do a little road trip somewhere, and this helped sooth the itch for a while.

Got to make sure I have the important notes and backup batteries.
After writing all the notes, off we went at 9am.  It was a bit nippy this morning, just below Zero, but it was looking to be a promising day nevertheless.  Off we headed, to Quesnel, which is over 100 kms South of here.
Woot! Time to hit the road.  Never mind the crazy gas prices.

Enjoying the scenery passing us by.
 There were quite a few geocaches that we had to find on our way to Quesnel.  Some were big ammo kits, some were annoying tiny nanos. A few in between too.  We found a nano which we had troubles getting the paper to sign out of.  We didn't bring tweezers.  My friend Melanie shook it out until it flew onto the ground!  Oh no!  Where is it?  We spent some time searching the ground much like I did recently with another cache.  Eventually, I found it.  It flew quite a bit away..and I am surprised that it didn't stand out more from the ground then it did.   Whew!
Difficult Nano
An geocache full of Candles
There is a surprising amount of caches along the highway.  And cachers too.  We bumped into a few at one of the cache sites.  They tried to keep their distance so they wouldn't see where we found ours as their turn was next...they were at a cache 300 metres or so away.

Pretty soon we made it Quesnel, and that will be what my next post will be about.  Quesnel is a very nice little town that has some character to it.

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