Sunday, April 17, 2011

Little bit of Bike & Geocache

Good day to bike and Geocache
I started doing some more Geocaching this weekend as the weather is getting better and I'm tired of hanging around home.  I haven't geocached since the end of January.  This weekend I found 3.

I found one near home yesterday and two today.  For today, I was thinking of calling up a friend to join me, but decided to do a solo ride. But at the same time, I do think that it's nice to get others hooked on Geocaching! 

Geocache that I found yesterday
Geocaching gives a good excuse to go for a nice ride out of the way a little.  This time I biked on the other side of Nechako River.

The view of the cutbanks from City side of Nechako River

Crossing Cameron Street Bridge
There is still snow around this area, and on the river too.
The snow is gone from Carrie Jane Park (taken yesterday)
On a side note, my Travelbug 'PG Punchbug' has been picked up the other day and is now travelling the BC highways. I still have one more to send out. You can follow it by clicking here.  People post when they've dropped it off and picked it up.

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