Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Bicycle themed postcard from Taiwan

Today, I finally received a Postcrossing postcard in the mail, this one is from Ivy, who lives in Taiwan.  It's been over a week since I last received one.  This one also features a bicycle, from Taiwan.  The wording below says "Ride around Taiwan Island".   I wonder what it would be like bicycling around Taiwan?  I bet it is nice, although I wonder about the amount of traffic on the road.  I can't imagine the country having dedicated bicycle trails/routes, but I could be wrong.  Maybe I'll get to try it one day.

There is not much written on it, basically the sender hopes that the card is alright.  It's wonderful!  I wonder how easy it is to find bicycle themed postcards?  I wonder how many more will have a bicycle theme?  I love surprises!

This is my second postcard from Taiwan.  It's been a good postcard week so far.  I look forward to checking what's in my mailbox daily, if I got to do errands, I tend to go home first to check and see if I got anything interesting.

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