Wednesday, April 27, 2011

New Continental Touring Plus tires

Bicycle with the new tires on
 I had yet another flat today! Again I was grateful to have a beater bike backup to get to work.

After work, I decided that it was time to invest in a new pair.  I wasn't sure what the bike shop would say about it, but when I told them I was getting lots of flats, they agreed that it was time for a new set.  I had just over 5000 kms (just over 3000 miles) on the old pair.  Those tires came with the bike when I bought it, and so probably were a cheap $18 tire.

 The bike shop owner showed me the Continental line of tires as I have heard good things about them.  I ended up buying the Continental Touring Plus tire. I like the company's little saying for it - "
Touring Plus - No fear of bedevilling flats!"  It's heavier then my other tires, but it's meant to be more puncture resistant. These are made with wire bead, so you can't bend them.  I found out that is how you can tell what they are made of. The next step up is Kevlar Tires

Bike with old tires just before I changed them

Front tire changed, working on back tire.
They weren't cheap, but I think that they were a good investment since my bicycle gets heavy use.  I particularly was interested in them at the shop because they had reflective sidewalls, whereas the slightly cheaper versions did not.  They use a different tire measurement, 28 inches, which I found out is the same as 700c tires.  They require less PSI in them too with the maximum being 65 psi.  My other tires went from 50-80.

I will have to lock the bike downstairs on the railing for a while as I believe that I have injured my right wrist/hand lifting it up and down 3 flights of stairs daily.  Perhaps a pinched nerve or pulled muscle. I am grateful that I have a light bike though as I don't think that a heavier steel bike would be good for me since I live in an apartment with no downstairs storage room to store bicycle in.  I am hoping that not lifting it for a while, except for that little bit of stairs (about 6 steps)..will help heal my's a pain right now!
Locked bike, frame, seat, and wheels to railing.

Used my good U-lock to secure back wheel
I tripled locked it, so the seat, tires and bicycle are going nowhere!  I think that it should be fine.  I left my previous bike there.  I did have a seat stolen on the previous bike(and found it a day later in nearby bushes), so I made sure to lock it down on my current bike as it's a pain taking seat off with basket in the way.

Anyone else have these tires?  How are they like?

**April 28 update..Yesterday, I had thought that I had put the tires on backward, but it turned out I had put front wheel on backwards.  I was tired with the sore hand, so I didn't notice until I hopped on the bike this morning.  I changed it at work!  Both tires are good now,  I didn't feel like fumbling with the tires again as my hand is too sore for that right now.  Hope it goes away..


  1. I like tires with that reflective strip! I hope your bike is ok locked up in the hallway - in Vancouver I think they'd remove the railing just to get at a bike!!

  2. I'm crossing fingers that it will be. I didn't have too much problems with the other bike, albeit this one is nicer. I prefer taking it into my apt, but it's making my hand worse. I am hoping that if I give it a bit of break that it'll heal up.

    I may not be able to flip the tire to the right direction for a few days.



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