Sunday, May 8, 2011

Fraser Mtn. hike - May 8

On Sunday, May 8, it was my turn to lead a Caledonia Rambler's hike.  Despite it being Mother's Day, we had 21 hikers join us for the hike.  I was worried that it was too early in the season to do this hike, but it turned out to be the perfect day.

I got to try out my new Scarpa hiking boots that I got for a steal.  They were great, no hotspots or blisters to report.  They are now officially my new hiking boots, and I am semi-retiring my Merrells.  I didn't waterproof them so they'd get wet and the leather then would stretch and soften a bit.  I wish I hadn't lost my gaiters as I really needed them today.  The snow came into the boots in the heavy snow, so I had really wet feet by the end.

I was the sweep, so I made sure that no one was left behind.  A lady named Karen, was struggling up, but I told her that there was no rush, and not to feel pressured.  She made it up in good time, we were just behind some other people, so we were not really that far apart!  I congratulated her for doing such a great job going up.  I didn't mind taking my time as I didn't want to leave anyone behind nor pressure them to go faster.

Nice rest stop with views of Fraser Lake
Looking East towards Prince George

Lots of snow, but no snowshoes needed
 We had a lunch break by the fire tower.  We usually climb up it for some nice views, but did not today.
Lunch break with fire tower in distance.
As we were going down I was in the middle.  I figured as long as all made it to the bottom, we'd be ok.  The trail was well defined and there were tracks in the snow to follow.  And sure enough, everyone made it to the bottom! What a perfect day!  And I am so glad that got a good deal on some new hiking boots that actually fit nicely for a change. I better get at making a trip report for the Caledonia Rambler's Website, I'll post one tomorrow.

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