Saturday, May 28, 2011

May 28 Market

Another work week has passed and it's time to enjoy another Saturday morning Farmer's Market. The day started with rain, but the sun came out while I was at the Market and is still shining!

Bike to Work Week is starting up on Monday, so the first thing that I did when I reached the Market was to head to the Bike to Work week display.  I picked up this neat t-shirt and some info for fellow workers.  I am the 'leader' of the group at my work, so I get the shirt free.  I didn't see Jillian there, but she's been working hard to organize the event, so she's quite tired.

I won't be able to make it to the 'celebration stations' during the week as I start work too early and they are closed before I bike home.  :(  Still, I will make it to the events that I can.

Bike at the Farmer's Market
After picking up the Bike to Work week stuff, I picked up some more yummy Fiddleheads and some Bison Burgers which I really like.  The burgers hardly have any fat on them unlike even extra-lean beef burgers.  I was lucky to get them as they were the last ones left and shortly after I bumped into friend who was going to buy some too.  Sorry, out of luck!
The Pinnacles near Quesnel

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