Saturday, May 21, 2011

It's that time of year again

It's time to head out to the Farmer's Market as it is back to being outside again.  The weather was nice and Sunny, so it was the perfect day to hang out there.   The weather last year at this time wasn't so nice as it snowed!

While at the market I bumped into a few friends and chatted.  I also had coffee and a sandwich at my favourite local cafe there that has outdoor seat.  I ended up buying some Fiddleheads, baby swiss chard, and some buffalo burgers.  I also had a discussion about Morel Mushrooms at one point.
It was bustling today.
Even though it was a long weekend and many have left town, the market was still busy.   I stayed home as I am planning to travel in June.  I will do some hiking tomorrow and hopefully, more biking on Monday as I really need to train!

After going to the Market, I did some shopping at a few stores.  Along the way home, I took a photo of Mr. PG who is a Kiss member right now.  They are coming in June I believe.
As you can see in the photo of Mr. PG, the storms have started to roll in.  It was beginning to rain after this photo so I rushed home.  Good day though, on a bike.  I even was lucky to see the guy who bought the Peugeot at the swap..he was riding it.  Here's to good hiking tomorrow.

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  1. Lol that they dressed up Mr PG for the KISS concert!

    Make sure to check out the Kitsilano farmers market if you end up in Vancouver, they have valet bike parking!



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