Thursday, May 5, 2011

Summer Bike Tour- should I do it?

Summer is fast approaching!  Oh what adventurous thing am I going to do this Summer?

I did Tour De Jasper last year, which was a 392 km bicycle tour.  One of the volunteers, Jim, is going to help out with it again this year.  After the trip, he is going to bicycle from Jasper to Vancouver.  I had contacted him orginally for information about bike touring in California.  I would still love to do that one day, but I want to save a little money for now as I might go overseas next year.

I've got an ultralight tent, sleeping bag, and other gear suitable for riding.

From Jasper to Vancouver, over 800 kms bike ride
When I met up with him at a grocery store in December, he had mentioned that he was going to be biking after Tour De Jasper.  I then realized that maybe it would be better to join him as it would be nice to have company while riding and having someone who is very experience at it in case we have problems along the way.  Also, getting to know him means I'd have a biking partner for future trips, which I don't have now.

I've been looking at other options for Summer travel, and none look as exciting is as this one.  I always want to to try out something new or go to a new place.  It's been a while since I've been to the Okanagan.

Tonight, I finally had the guts to call him.  He remembered me!    He would be taking the less busy route which would nice.  He says he's a relaxed bicyclist, which means I wouldn't slow him down. Hmm...what do you think?  A little bit of me thinks that it's insane, but then I see all those bicyclist travellers out there.

I am trying to keep costs down, but travelling by bicycle means that I save on gas.    I will have to take train to Jasper and bus home, but it would work.  It's certainly adventurous!  I have most everything that I would need, I just have to buy some good bags...and a new pump.  And as luck would have it, I just got Touring Plus tires which he said were good for touring despite their weight.  And I can borrow his front rack and front bags for it from a friend.  We will meet in a week or so to discuss plans, I get a feel of the cost, time needed.

Now I just have to stop looking at airline websites which are sidetracking me.  They are giving me all these crazy travel location ideas.  At least until next year.

Is anyone out there plan on doing some Bike touring this Summer?


  1. Go For It!! Sounds like a real adventure!

  2. I'm sure I will. Just felt like a big step calling him. But it's nice that he reassured me that I wouldn't slow him down!

  3. This sounds really exciting! I would love to do a tour like this some day.

    A couple of friends rode from E-town to Van a couple of summers ago. From them, I learned the following things:

    Touring with someone else can be an intense personal experience, so it's really important that your expectations mesh. But maybe it's like finding a roommate, sometimes it's easier to live with a stranger than your best friend.

    Also, make sure those less traveled roads are either nearly empty or have decent shoulders. I find a secondary highway with no shoulder much scarier than a major highway with wide shoulders, especially in the mountains.

  4. I hope that it works out. He seems very nice. I suppose during the day we'd have our own space. I like to listen to music anyways...

    I imagine I'll find out more what his plans are for the trip and we can discuss goals, etc...I like that he's easy going about it and not a rushed rider.

    I think that he's done this trip before, but I'll ask him about the road conditions.

    The intense part kind of scares me a little. I am quite friendly, but not sure what it will be like travelling in such close quarters even though we both have our own tents.

  5. what kind of ultralight tent is that?
    I am in the market for one

  6. Since Blogger was down, I lost a comment, I'm reposting it now:

    From Anonymous:

    what kind of ultralight tent is that? I am in the market for one

  7. It's a MSR Hubba 1 person tent. It really light at 2 lbs and a bit. There a few different brands out there with ultralights, but I like this tent because it has a side door.



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