Saturday, May 7, 2011

Saturday is for bike and by foot.

Bike in display I saw.  Sorry for the crappy photo!
Today was my hanging around town day.  Now that hiking season has started, my Sunday's are full of hiking adventures out of town.

Today, I biked around doing some errands.  I picked up a charger and case for my Ipod Nano.  I've been afraid to take it out because I am rough on my MP3 players.  A friend says a good case protects it well.  I got a charger so that when I travel (or do the bike tour this Summer) I can charge both my Sansa Player and Ipod Nano without using a computer.  I wish I could find an mp3 player that uses aaa's as that's easier to use when out of the range of electricity. It's a good thing that I've kept my ancient RCA Lyra just in case.

After doing errands, I biked around and found the bike display above and the cyclist below at my local grocery store biking for the Children's Hospital. She was riding a nice bike from Cyclelogic  I should have came back and donated, as I wasn't carrying any spare change at the time..

I saw this Go Canucks Go sign at the local Dollar Store.  Funny, there was a Honda dealership in Vancouver that was told to put it down because the term Canucks is 'copyrighted'.  I think it's neat!
The heritage trail is now ice free!
After riding, I put on my Scarpa hiking boots that I got for $10 last week and walked to Connaught Hill.  It was good testing ground to see how the boots felt.  They seemed ok, even though they were a bit stiff.  Scarpas are more stiff then Merrells.
Hiking up steep section of Connaught Hill
View of the City
Tabor Mtn. in distance still has snow on top.
I will use them tomorrow on the hike that I lead up Fraser Mountain. I will bring my well worn Merrells along just in case my feet get real sore and then I can swap boots.  I really want to break the Scarpas in by Summer.  I am hoping that they are the right boot for hiking up Mountains.  Otherwise, I'll use my unused pair of Merrells sitting in the closet.  I don't want to use them yet as the top lip needs to be reinforced before using due to a defect in design.

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  1. Sounds like a nice, relaxing day biking and walking a bit. Thank goodness spring is here and your trail is finally free of ice.



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